Current Issue

Volume 2 • Issue 4 • December 2016

The Neglected Role of Hematologic Disorders in Pulmonary Embolism

Repetitive Transient Ischaemic Attacks Secondary to a Floating Carotid Artery Thrombus in a Young Patient with Essential Thrombocythemia

Wellens’ Syndrome Depicted by Coronary CT Angiography

Assessment of Coronary Plaque Vulnerability in Acute Coronary Syndromes using Optical Coherence Tomography and Intravascular Ultrasound. A Systematic Review

Detection of Myocardial Injury Using miRNAs Expression as Genetic Biomarkers in Acute Cardiac Care

Acute Coronary Syndromes in Patients with Hematological Disorders

New Developments in the Treatment of Acute Myocardial Infarction Associated with Out-of- Hospital Cardiac Arrest. A Review

Intracoronary Imaging and Plaque Vulnerability