Editorial process

All manuscript submitted to JCE will be first subject to a technical review, including quality check of all the files submitted, including tables, figures and references. Plagiarism check will be performed prior to referring the manuscript for review, in order to identity any possible fraud or scientific misconduct. The journal will use highly specialized anti-plagiarism soft-wares and if any suspicion of scientific misconduct is identified, the standard procedure recommended by COPE (Committee on publication ethics) will be followed.

After technical review and anti-plagiarism assessment, the articles will be referred for review following a double-blinded review procedure. Reviewers can be suggested by the authors, however selection of the reviewers will be made by the editors, according to their expertise in the field of the article.

The identity of the reviewers will not be disclose to the authors, as well as the identity of the authors will not be disclosed to the reviewers.

The possible editorial decisions following the review procedure are: accepted, minor revisions required, major revisions required or rejected.

The editorial decision will be communicated to the authors as soon as the review process has been finalized. In case of revisions, the revised article will be send to the reviewers who will decide on a new recommendation for revision , acceptance or rejection. The estimated time from the submission to first decision is approximately 4 weeks, and from the final revision to acceptance is approx. 2 weeks.

Prior to publication, all corresponding authors will receive a proof of their article in order to confirm the accuracy of the text or suggest modifications.